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Kitchens 2024 – style and color

by Claudia Schiera.

The latest trends for the kitchen environment bring a multifunctional style dedicated to personalization, with cutting-edge technologies, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Eurocucina 2024 – present this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan – has launched the latest trends related to one of the most important areas of the home: the kitchen. Among multifunctional furnishings, elements with sophisticated technologies, and cutting-edge, sustainable materials designed to meet every type of use, the key words were personalization and conviviality. Outdoor solutions were also indispensable, now present in all kitchen collections, confirming that the boundary between indoor and outdoor is increasingly blurred and fluid.


Among the innovations for 2024, the new kitchen in blonde ash and marble Breccia Sarda by L’Ottocento; a boiserie and module system designed by Michele Marcon. Created with the Levante storage boiserie, paired with the Etesia modules, it features a unique wave pattern that designs the equipped wall of the system. The regularity of the boiserie is interrupted by the long wall unit, with Etesia bases with shaped edges. The lacquered modules match the marble top and back.

Breccia Sarda by L’Ottocento, the Levante storage boiserie and Etesia modules by L’Ottocento –
kitchen in blonde ash and marble


CUCINAnD’O by Aran Cucine, the kitchen born in collaboration with chef Davide Oldani in its new configuration, continues to emphasize the values of conviviality. Even though the shape changes from round to rectangular, the essence remains the same, with the snack top in elm wood, one of the chef’s favorite essences, and with a new space under the worktop, inspired by the tables in his restaurant D’O, adapted in a domestic version to accommodate personal items. The sharing and conviviality of CUCINAnD’O also tell a new perspective: that of social sustainability, focused on the recovery of human relationships to give people spaces and moments of connection.

Developments of the CUCINAnD’O model in collaboration with chef Davide Oldani by Aran Cucine –
kitchen design Davide Oldani

Stilo by Scavolini is a true furnishing system that represents the evolution of sociality and the way of living in the home today, through a refined design that highlights the compositional and stylistic continuity of the various environments. The project concept reinterprets the kitchen as a space that fosters meeting among people, giving it a marked architectural and material imprint, combined with maximum functionality. By combining different furnishing elements, the home transforms into a more dynamic space where meals are prepared, socializing takes place, and work is done.

Stilo kitchen designed by Spalvieri & Del Ciotto for Scavolini –
Stilo kitchen Scavolini


The Garcia Cumini studio designs Utopian Garden for Cesar, a collection of decorations with environments that recall the dimension of beauty, where fantasy and nature are interpreted. The first subject of this project is entitled Wonder Landscape and represents a dreamlike landscape. In the composition, the N_Elle island is accompanied by the 50’s bookshelf system, also available as a new 2024 feature with a new corner solution introduced by Cesar to meet the needs of those seeking a more fluid and transversal environment.

Utopian Garden project by Garcia Cumini studio for Cesar –
kitchen island with nature and flamingo decorations

New look and greater functionality also for New Logica by Valcucine, rethought by identifying three distinct areas: cooking, washing, and preparation, and equipped with new wooden accessories designed by Gabriele Centazzo. Behind it, a special element: the backsplash with magical openings that provide maximum flexibility to meet everyone’s needs, creating an extraordinary dialogue with the kitchen system.

Artematica Vitrum with New Logica by Valcucine –
kitchen design with three separate work areas

Functional, aesthetic, and chromatic customization as in the case of the new solution offered by Steel Cucine with LiteRAL Beauty. Starting from 2024, all products from the Genesi and Ascot lines will be available in all 216 colors of the RAL Classic palette. An innovative openness to color, because it uses different shades as a real design material to “build” the kitchen environment.

LiteRAL Beauty the new proposal by Steel Cucine –
freestanding kitchen in pastel blue


The composition Levitas by Euromobil, available in two versions: Glass and Alu, combines glass and aluminum, transparency and lightness. The point of contact between the two versions is sustainability, one of the key themes of this edition of Eurocucina, made possible by completely recyclable materials that never lose their qualities. In both versions, Levitas has been conceived with a processing method that involves recycling the components at the end of their life.

Levitas Glass by Euromobil –
design kitchen in glass and black painted aluminum


Outdoor kitchens have been an indispensable proposal from all companies, and some are real jewels, such as Outdoor Kitchen by Officine Gullo. Designed for year-round outdoor cooking, it has nothing to envy to indoor models. The novelty of Officine Gullo brings all the added values of the company’s solutions to outdoor spaces: high technology, best performance, unmistakable style, and maximum customization possibilities. It features a series of independent elements that combine to offer highly customized design solutions.

Outdoor Kitchen by Officine Gullo –
outdoor kitchen Officine Gullo

On the cover, Artematica Vitrum with New Logica by Valcucine.

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