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Anna Caldara

Anna Caldera - Editor in Chief

Style and functionality. My favorite duo that I’ve always sought to apply in all aspects of life. A lifelong journalist, I am deeply convinced that good design can positively influence everyday life. I enjoy giving voice to all the talents who consider living spaces not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of comfort, sustainability, and accessibility.

Luca Manzoni

Luca Manzoni - Chief Editor

Since I was a child, I’ve always read and written. Very much. A real eclectic curiosity towards beauty in all its manifestations, from literature to art, from architecture to photography, up to classical and contemporary music. A kaleidoscope of interests concentrated in a vision devoted to aesthetics, which found its most stimulating and representative dimension in design journalism.


About us

Our magazine, born in 2014 from the vision of Anna Caldera and Fabio Massimo Donzelli, focuses on all things related to the home. Over time, it has grown and become a part of Gienne Editore, but it has remained true to its core mission: telling the story of the home. From the objects that furnish it to the designers and artisans who create them, we explore every aspect of home life, also offering tips to make it more appealing and comfortable. Home is where we feel most at ease, not only within the walls of our houses but in any place that offers a sense of well-being and peace.

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