cucina attrezzata top colore verde

Kitchens 2024 – style and color

by Claudia Schiera. The latest trends for the kitchen environment bring a multifunctional style dedicated to personalization, with cutting-edge technologies, perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Eurocucina 2024 – present this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan – has launched the latest trends related to one of…

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affetta tartufi di design

Cale Design – Renaissance attitude

by Costanza Carbotta. Established in 2022, Cale Design finds its origins in the italian Renaissance. That’s why works by artists such as Piero della Francesca, pictorial techniques of the time and the territorial heritage of the Montefeltro area, the land of origin of its founders, are the first inspirations for…

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ciotole cane gatto

Pet design – dinner invitation

by Roberta del Vaglio. Sure, here is the translation in English: — To set up a dedicated food area for dogs and cats, practicality and ergonomics tailored specifically for our four-legged friends are essential, without forgetting an indispensable touch of style. Managing a pet and making them happy without disrupting…

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bottom freezer

Eurocucina/FTK Technology for the Kitchen – what’s new for 2024

The latest edition presented during Salone del Mobile.Milano was a true “event within an event,” where new trends and cutting-edge products described the future of the cooking universe. All expectations were met in the 9th edition of FTK – Technology for the Kitchen, a complementary event to Eurocucina within the…

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cucina da esterno personalizzabile

Outdoor kitchens – outdoor conviviality

by Marta Bellacosa. During days painted with the colors of spring and summer, cooking becomes even more enchanting, especially with the latest proposals specifically designed for outdoor cooking. In the tranquility of a sunny courtyard or terrace, accompanied by the view of a well-tended garden, the chirping of robins, or…

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bagno rivestimento pietra tiburtina

Casalgrande Padana – new releases at MDW 2024

Results of research and experimentation, the latest collections have been inspired by nature’s most elegant materials and have taken porcelain stoneware towards new design horizons. Casalgrande Padana’s new releases introduced during Milano Design week focus on functionality and high-quality aesthetics. In its new showroom in Brera (Piazza San Marco 1,…

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petunia nera fiori

An extravagant garden – dark elegance

by Marta Meggiolaro. The dark colours, well dosed and mixed with other shades, add a touch of surprise and characterize even the most anonymous corners: 10 plants that will always make the garden new and truly capable of surprising. It is often the less popular things that hide the most…

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zeno sofa

Milan Design Week 2024 – City Centre

by Marta Bellacosa. The city of Milan, from April 15 to 21, 2024, is once again enriched with events, exhibitions, new collections, and installations spread throughout the city center. Ideas and projects are embraced within showrooms and historic locations, such as the well-known headquarters of the University of Milan, one…

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grafica brera design district

Milan Design Week 2024 – Brera

by Marta Bellacosa. The Brera Design District stages its 15th edition of Design Week with the theme “Material Nature,” proposed by Fuorisalone. Man represents the point of contact between matter and nature: today, through his ability to transform resources and create new life cycles, we can imagine building a sustainable…

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tavolo legno con percorso gatto

Pet design – new frontiers of style

by Roberta del Vaglio. Colorful pet beds in refined fabrics, bowls with sophisticated designs, baskets of every size, but not only: a sensitive and attentive vision that can improve the lives of animals and people. “It is a discipline that regulates the design of products, environments, furnishings, complements, and perceptual…

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