infinito design gemini

Meneghello Paolelli – contemporary table

Three collections and as many conceptual visions designed not only for impactful and purely aesthetic tableware: a true functional interaction between food and design. A meeting of creative flair and artisanal excellence, a synergy capable of igniting a spark of pure style, redefining the most classic concept of mise en…

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fortune dragon graphic

Meissen – Fortune Dragon

A fascinating tale of craftsmanship, inspired early on by the Orient and carried on until today with the latest, more refined and more “fortunate” release. With a design deeply rooted in its heritage, Meissen carries on with its historical legacy in Fortune Dragon, one of its latest releases which makes…

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servizio arcadia ginori

Breakfast with style – breakfast with character

A true alchemy of colors to start the day with an elegance that already smells of spring: refined shades, revisited classic patterns, and details that capture the essence of the most contemporary romanticism. The breakfast table is inviting and sophisticated, playing with ceramics crafted by artisans and emphasizing a return…

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posate verdura pasta

And how do you eat this one? – the right cutlery

You are at an important and above all very formal business lunch. They serve you a dish you’ve never seen before and the doubt assails you: how will it be eaten? There are two solutions: either you look around looking for someone who has already tried the dish and imitate…

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tableware rosso

Elegance explosion – the 2023 holiday table

A true stylistic amarcord celebrates the mise en place of the most sparkling occasions of the year, in a mix and match inspired by tradition, with contemporary colorful touches and country chic details. Christmas and New Year make the festive tables shine with flashes of yesteryear, in a taste that…

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tavola natale apparecchiata

Sparkling effect – the 2023 Christmas table

The magic is hidden in the details and is transformed into an expression of pure wonder: sparkling decorations and Christmas references, enchanting details and festive sparkles, translate into an enveloping, sensorial and dazzling result. The holidays are the occasion in which the mise en place becomes the fulcrum of the…

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tavolo legno zucche funghi

Autumnal mise en place – free decoration

Tableware with the allure of tradition, yet revealing its eclecticism in details, in a play of material, chromatic, and stylistic combinations that describe a style with multiple facets. The autumn table adorns itself with the colors of foliage, warm shades of green, rust, and brick red alternate with almost spring-like…

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