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Kita Living – natural inspiration

An Istanbul-based studio that brings together designers dedicated to the search for balance with nature and functionality. It is Kita Living: inspired by the Japandi style (a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian style), it firmly follows the philosophy of slow-living, which encourages a slower lifestyle that is attentive to every tasks. Their winning recipe? Attention to the environment and design.

In your design, what elements do you take from Japanese tradition and what from Scandinavian? And what new elements do you add?

These design types are already part of our inspiration as individual designers; therefore, it’s an aspect that unites the entire team. We have a perspective that aligns with the Japanese world regarding creating a sense of emptiness, a close relationship with nature, and the pursuit of a philosophy behind design. From the Scandinavian side, we take functionality and practicality, which is why we create flatpack furniture pieces (a type of packaging that minimizes space during shipping) that interact more intimately with people.

We add adaptability and versatility to create deeper connections between people and their ever-evolving environment, while also focusing on creating forms that dissolve into the surroundings and domestic spaces, revealing the beauty of the natural materials used.

Flow Coffee Table, modular with wood or glass finishes in different colours.
flow coffee table

You believe in slow living: how does this reflect in your work and production processes?

Everyone in the team embraces slow living, so we understand what’s important for those who choose this culture and what they need. We believe that material is always the main parameter of design. Therefore, we focus on the material and its craftsmanship, collaborate with producers from traditional Turkish craftsmanship, and combine their work with the use of modern technologies. Most of all, our small-scale production increases product quality and allows us to pay greater attention to details and execution.

Wa Table and Frame Chair, available in various colours.
Wa Table and Frame Chair

How would you describe your work?

We focus on the function and meaning they have for people and their living spaces. In this perspective, our projects aim to inspire versatile experiences and offer customization possibilities, inviting the addition of a personal touch: our design is the base, simple and free, but it’s the individual that gives it the preferred character.

Our idea of contemporary design reflects the Japanese perspective that highlights pure beauty and unlockable potential. Additionally, respect for nature is fundamental for us, both with sustainable materials and by choosing to use flatpack packaging, avoiding excessive packaging and reducing carbon footprint thanks to saved space during transportation.

The flatpack packaging used by the studio.
fat pack kita living

What opportunities does Isola offer and why did you choose to participate?

Isola is a community that brings together designers and independent studios to showcase their work to the public in characteristic exhibition spaces. It also offers us an international digital platform, which was exactly what we were looking for. We are very happy to showcase our products within a community that focuses on circularity, materials, innovation, and sharing knowledge in such an international context.

Ismail Dagli, creative director, and Gokhan Eryaman, designer of Flow Coffee Table, Wa Table and Frame Chair.
Ismail Dagli and Gokhan Eryaman kita living portrait

On the cover, Flow Coffee Table and Frame Lounge Chair.

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