February is the right month to dedicate yourself to roses

by Stefania Fanchini – landscape architect – The Rose, a complex symbol. The Rose, a complex symbol. In myths, religions, and legends, it encapsulates meanings that are completely contrasting: celestial perfection and earthly passion, time and eternity, life and death, fertility and virginity. If you think about it, no…

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Christmas tree – choosing the right one

by Marta Meggiolaro. Plastic or natural? Both choices are good, if made consciously. The time has come to prepare the Christmas tree, but this could give rise to a small dispute between those who favor potted pine trees and those who prefer artificial ones. The good news is that there…

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una vista della pianta della varietà coleus

Indoor plants for autumn

by Marta Meggiolaro. A touch of character with warm shades, for those who don’t want to give up an indoor corner dedicated to greenery to dedicate themselves to when the cold period of the year begins, in view of the upcoming spring blooms. The triumph of autumn colors can also…

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Plants for fencing and privacy

by Marta Meggiolaro. Five golden rules for turning the garden into your safe haven with the right plants and methods. It’s wonderful to spend time in the garden or on the terrace surrounded by fencing that protects us from indiscrete looks and unpleasant sounds. One of the best solutions available…

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alga giapponese marimo

Marimo – the algae of eternal love

by Stefania Fanchini. A romantic legend turned this fascinating plant into a symbol of deep, tormented love. Unique, lucky, and definitely one-of-a-kind. Marimo is small, soft, bright-green algae which is almost perfectly spherical. Its scientific name is Aegagropila Linnae, an aquatic plant which originally comes from lakes in East Asia…

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