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Milan Design Week – around the city

The Fuorisalone is not limited to conventional districts: it branches out through the different streets of the city, involving every area adjacent to the neighborhoods that traditionally host all the “revolution” of innovations that Milan Design Week (15-21 April 2024) brings with it. And more. It discovers new locations, highlights hidden or unknown places, or gives the opportunity to discover new streets and views, difficult to know for those who don’t live in the Lombard capital.

Design finds space in museums (especially the “par excellence” one: ADI Design Museum, here is the complete program – adidesignmuseum.org), private streets, abandoned factories brought to new life, organizes real “out of town” trips – with shuttle services from the metro lines – without forgetting, it goes without saying, the single-brand showrooms that open the doors of their institutional headquarters in Milan. An alternative journey to institutional routes, in the name of the style of tomorrow.


The museum is transformed into a stage for installations and events, all focused on contemporary style and, above all, its historical roots. A calendar full of exhibitions, from Japanese to Korean design, up to a focus on brands such as Edra, Caimi and Rubinetterie Treemme. Worth mentioning, among the various events, is China & Design: promoted by Zona Sarpi (where you can discover the latest news) with a selection of projects exhibited both at the ADI and at the Fabbrica del Vapore (around the corner).

Fuorisalone: Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1 – M5 Monumentale | M2 Garibaldi FS
Dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:30-20:00 – adidesignmuseum.org

adi design week 2024 poster

An invitation to contemplate art and photography from Campeggi’s upholstered furniture: the exhibition, curated by SPECIFIC and C41, reinterprets iconic pieces of the brand and will be open to visitors from 12 to 21 April, on the occasion of miart and Salone del Mobile 2024. At the same time, it will be possible to visit “Abandon the Local”, the personal exhibition of the American conceptual artist David Horvitz curated by the artistic director of miart Nicola Ricciardi, open until 30 June 2024 (by appointment after the MDW 2024 – info@bim-milano .com).

Fuorisalone: ​​BiM – Where Bicocca meets Milan – Viale dell’Innovazione 3 – M5 Bicocca
Dates and times: 12-21 april 2024/Mn-Sun 11:00-20:00 | Thur 11:00-22:00 – bim-milano.com
Salone del Mobile.Milano: Hall 22 – Stand H21 – campeggidesign.it


BOLD DUALITIES – Belgium is Design new collection exhibition
30 studios from Belgium selected in an exceptional location: Baranzate Ateliers, a monumental industrial building from the 1950s in the Forlanini district, near Linate airport. An immersion in Belgian design where you can discover all the latest innovations in interiors and furniture, in a real conceptual and design journey.

Fuorisalone: Baranzate Ateliers – Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 16 – shuttle service from M3 Rogoredo | M4 Repetti
Date e orari: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:00-20:00
Daily performances by Happening/h 12:00 and 16:00 – belgiumisdesign.be

bold dualities

DÀMEDA – Dialoghi Creativi new collection exhibition
In the immersive location of the Fabbrica del Vapore, between the Monumental Cemetery and the Paolo Sarpi area, Dàmeda inaugurates a meeting place in the name of innovation, where tradition and interdisciplinary dialogue also find space, in a unique vision combined with style of tomorrow.

Fuorisalone: Fabbrica del Vapore – Via Procaccini 4 – M5 Monumentale | M3 Garibaldi FS
Dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:00-19:00 – dameda.it

dameda milan design week 2024 drawing

FABBRICA DESIGN WEEK – Fabbrica del Vapore new collction exhibition
A parterre full of exhibitions and names, as well as a musical event, the FDV Music Festival. Fabbrica del Vapore exhibits two exhibitions: “FUTURO ANTERIORE. CASVA CABINET OF DESIGN THINKING. Outcrops from the archives of the Milan project” and “UGO LA PIETRA, to live is to be at home everywhere”. But it doesn’t end (obviously) here. The School of Desing – Polytechnic of Milan will be present with the exhibition “Interdependence. Designing Relationships”; ISIA Florence with the installation “Post Global Village. Migratory Objects”; DcomeDesign with UPTO how far you can go; and again: EMERGENCY DESIGN – design rebuilds life, Dàmeda, Changes, Know now China by Zona Sarpi, RECORD LABELS LOGOS how graphic design shaped music’s identity / Racconti Sonori, CINZIA RUGGERI, PAPER Threads, drawings and works from Cinzia Ruggeri’s archive, LORENZO DAMIANI, about marble and The garden of Artemisia by Matteo Mezzadri. The complete program can be viewed on the website.

Fuorisalone: Fabbrica del Vapore – Via Procaccini 4 – M5 Monumentale | M3 Garibaldi FS
Dates and times: 15 april 2024/h 14:00-22:00
16-20 april 2024/h 10:00-23:00
21 april 2024/h 10:00-17:00 – fabbricadelvapore.org
FDW Music Festival 16-20 april 2024/h 17.00-00:00 | 21 april 2024/h 17:00-00:00

Milan design week factory

GERVASONI new collection
The showroom will be one of the three locations – together with the flagship store and the stand at the Salone del Mobile.Milano – where Gervasoni will present the new indoor collections by Federica Biasi, Cristina Celestino, Paola Navone and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti; and the outdoor ones, which sees news written by Federica Biasi, Francesco Meda, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti and Nendo.

Fuorisalone: Showroom Gervasoni FRAME Set-up by Federica Bias – Via Spartaco 34 – Tram linea 9 | Autubus linea 84
Dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:00-20:00 – gervasoni1882.com
Salone del Mobile.Milano: DOMUS Set-up by Concetta Giannangeli
Hall 9 Booth D11-E12 – Fieramilano (Rho) – M1 Rho Fiera

gervasoni mdw 2024

Totemic travertine sculptures symbol of ethereality and materiality, intentional voids and the ephemeral nature of existence. These are the dreamy themes of Van Den Weghe’s collaboration in stone processing with the cutting-edge design of Hannes Peer. The result is the transformation of the Milanese showroom, which opens its doors for a dreamy journey during MDW 2024.

Fuorisalone: Hannes Peer Architecture studio – Via Privata Rezia 1 – Tram 9 | Autubus 92 – hannespeer.comvandenweghe.be
Dates and hours: April 15-20, 2024 / 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

stone processing laboratory

At the ADI Design Museum, an installation by L&L Luce&Light designed in collaboration with Studio Noumeno: a conceptual vision of great impact, in which the shades of the sky, at different times of the day, draw a kaleidoscope of hypnotising creativity. Above everything, a shaped moon.

Fuorisalone: ADI Design Museum – Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1 – M5 Monumentale | M2 Garibaldi FS
Dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:00-22:00
16 April 2024 / 20.30 piano music in the moonlight – lucelight.it

light and light installation

LAURA & DYLAN GREEN THERAPY – by Laura Urbinati e Dylan Tripp exhibition
Designer Laura Urbinati and floral artist Dylan Tripp together for a special green project in the designer’s Milan headquarters: nature as a raw material, combined with the brand’s archive fabrics, to transform the space into a new, extremely elegant and sensorial concept of Garden of Eden.

Fuorisalone: Laura Urbinati headquarter – Viale Col di Lana 8 – M2 Porta Genova FS | Tram linea 9
Dates and times: 15-19 april 2024/h 10:00-18:00 – lauraurbinati.comdylantripp

green project milan design week 2024

MOORING BY THE MOON – by Michele de Lucchi + ADML Circle per Azimut exhibition
Inspired by the Seadeck by Azimut Yachts, AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi created an immersive experience, in the unique setting of the Bagni Misteriosi in Milan, an Art Deco swimming pool returned to its ancient splendors. The Seadeck Series, designed by Alberto Mancini and Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, represents the culmination of Azimut’s emissions reduction journey, inspiring a lifestyle of pure well-being.

Fuorisalone: Bagni Misteriosi – Via Carlo Botta 18 – M2 Porta Genova FS | Tram linea 9
Dates and times: 15 april 2024/h 15:00-20:00
16-20 april 2024/h 10:00-20:00
21 april 2024/h 10:00-18:00 – azimutyachts.comamdlcircle.commicheledelucchi.it

bagni misteriosi milan

NENDO: WHISPERS OF NATURE new collection exhibition
Inside Paola Lenti’s space in Milan, in a small disused building – which will be converted into a boutique hotel in 2026 – nendo will present a solo exhibition that aims to capture the ambiguity of clouds, exploring the games of light and shadow, of the flow of time and of the emotions you feel in the rain. Furthermore, “Hana-arashi”, designed in collaboration with Paola Lenti, will be presented.

Fuorisalone: Paola Lenti Milano – Via Giovanni Bovio 28 – M3 Dergano
Dates and times: 15 apri 2024 h/15:00-19:00
16-20 april 2024/h 10:00-22:00
21 april 2024/h 10:00-19:00 – nendo.jp

nendo milan design week 2024

NOSTALGIA FUTURO by REMIGIO E ASCARI new collection exhibition
A narrative journey, between illustrated installations and designer furnishings. The project was born from the collaboration between the architect Luca Remigio, founder of the Remigio Architects studio, and the illustrator Jacopo Ascari, of the homonymous Atelier Ascari. A real meeting of visions and contaminations, in two different directions, one after the other.

Fuorisalone: Via Righi 1 | Via Plinio 73 – Autobus linea 90 | Tram linea 19/33
dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 9:00-22:00 – remigioarchitects.itatelierascari.it

ascari illustration

An immersion in the world of Paola Lenti in her Milanese headquarters, among gardens, architecture, art and design. A sensorial journey where the new indoor and outdoor collections will be presented, together with the Hana-arashi line, designed by Nendo. An opportunity to also discover the brand’s evocative maison, a redevelopment that has the flavor of enchantment.

Fuorisalone – Via Giovanni Bovio 28 – M3 Dergano
Dates and times: 15 apri 2024 h/15:00-19:00
16-20 april 2024/h 10:00-22:00
21 april 2024/h 10:00-19:00 – paolalenti.it

paola lenses beyond the gaze

STYLISH MINIMALISM 1984-2024 – ZEUS new collection exhibition
ZEUS celebrates 40 years of history to present the new products for 2024 by Maurizio Peregalli and raise awareness of the history of the brand born in 1984. The company’s iconic pieces come out of the archive to retrace a completely Italian and artisanal history, communicating with the latest innovations, in the historic location of the showroom.

Fuorisalone – Corso San Gottardo 21/9 – M2 Porta Genova FS | Tram linea 3 | Autobus 71
Dates and times: 15-21 april 2024/h 10:00-22:00 – zeusnoto.com

manifesto stylish minimalism

On the cover, Nostalgia Futuro by Remigio Ascari, illustration by Jacopo Ascari.

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