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Furnishing fabrics and wallpapers – what’s new for 2024

by Claudia Schiera.

The latest trends rediscover a desire for refined décor and an increasing attention to the quality of materials: a stylistic path paved with timeless refinement, bold colors, and très chic pendant.

Their power is unrivaled: they know how to revolutionize and give a distinct personality, almost without touching the furniture present in a room. We are talking about furnishing fabrics and wallpapers, now considered an indispensable choice in creating any interior design. Far from simple accessories, used to embellish interiors, they are at the center of aesthetic and conceptual experimentation, and increasingly the focus of important interior projects.

On the left, Moods Conrad wallpaper, on the right, Moods Gibran wallpaper, both by Armani Casa by Jannelli&Volpi –
armani casa wallpaper

The latest edition of Paris Déco-Off – the Parisian event concurrent with Maison&Objet – showcased the latest innovations and highlighted all the trends related to the textile and wallpaper universe. The result is a triumph of style, in its real meaning, focused on the power of décor, veering into various themes: color, pattern, new ethnic, and raw material.

Fabrics from the Excentric collection by Élitis –
excentric fabrics

Wall covering from the Baleares collection by Élitis.
baleares wall covering


Color and décor have always been a winning combination. In 2024, however, it’s not so much about furniture and furnishings, which remain neutral and minimal, but it focuses on other usually overlooked elements: walls and upholstery, ceilings, and windows. Developed within an articulated kaleidoscope, the new hues involve soft palettes in various pastel shades, where the velvety Pantone Peach Fuzz coexists with various green shades..

On the left, Lucia fabric for the sofa, and Tino for the cushion. On the right, Tino again for the armchair and Lazare for the curtain by Manuel Canovas –
elegant upholstery fabrics

Fabrics from the Gardens collection designed by Formafantasma. On the left, Ramage, and on the right, Jasmine by Rubelli –
rubelli fabrics

Jade green, olive, sage, and mint are the most popular hues, to be paired with the deeper range of blues and the elegant brick – a warm and versatile orange with multiple shades – perfect for creating chromatic combinations with vital contrasts. Shades and pendants that are found both on the new and precious fabrics, and within the most current wallpapers.

Fabrics from the Les Bains collection by Métaphores –
les bains fabrics

On the left, Utopian Garden wallpaper, on the right, Oku wallpaper, both from the Mid-Century Glam line part of the Contemporary Wallpaper Collection 2024 by Wall&Decò –
utopian garden and oku wallpapers


To give even more strength to color, patterns with micro or large-scale designs, along with a renewed passion for geometric prints. Fabrics and wallpapers with “natural” prints featuring plants and animals, and/or more or less fantastical dream landscapes, are also present. Recurring are also references to the 1970s, a period among the most revolutionary concerning the aesthetics of domestic spaces, with patterns explicitly recalling the aesthetics of the time.

Sitara fabric from the Nomadic Journeys collection by Fischbacher 1819 –
sitara fabric

Jamu Jungle fabric by Dedar –
jamu jungle fabric

A true New Vintage, made of textured wall coverings and thick velvets in bold colors. A trend that meanders through different collections, offering an interesting reference to the past in an ultra-contemporary key, confirming the timeless style that is increasingly asserting itself in the world of design.

On the left, Emily fabric, on the right, Joupa wallpaper, both from the Carnet de Voyage collection by Pierre Frey –
pierre frey fabrics


Both in wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, there are significant patterns with evocative designs and colors, decorations that speak of distant lands and peoples. Ingredients of a new ethnic style, less rough than in the past and decidedly more chic and refined. Designed to furnish and complete characterful homes, or even just suggestive corners, they outline furnishing solutions of great charm and allow you to travel with the mind while comfortably seated in an armchair.

Fabrics from the La Croisière s’amuse collection, a new retrospective of the Haute Couture collections by Jean Paul Gaultier. On the left, Tahitiennes fabric, and on the right, Croisière fabric by Maison Lelièvre –
tahitiennes and croisière fabrics


Geometric and futuristic prints, animals and flowers, but also updated versions of traditional designs such as Toile de Jouy, the new fabric collections focus on decoration, but unquestionably also on the quality of materials. Thus, interesting textures like traditional wool in tweed and bouclé versions, cotton, linen, velvet in its various declinations, but also rich weaves like lampas and jacquard make their way into the world of furnishing textiles. The result is a rich and brilliant textile, designed not only to embellish but to furnish, like real furniture, every type of interior.

On the left, Jellyflower, on the right, Lips Fish wallpapers, both part of the capsule collection created in collaboration with Beto Val by FillYourHomeWithLove.Wallpapers –
jellyflower and lips fish wallpapers

On the cover, Eden wallpaper designed by Ana Basoc, by Spaghetti Wall –


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