villa sao roque brasile

Style ideas – a cottage for the weekend

A simple yet sophisticated house, built with natural materials amidst greenery. An ideal refuge to enjoy relaxation during long weekends, immersed in nature yet without sacrificing design.

Located in Sao Roque, a city near Sao Paulo in Brazil, this villa was designed by the Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos studio. Designed as a weekend and holiday home, it features a very simple and linear architecture on a plot just outside the city center, surrounded by greenery and lush native plants.

Concrete, wood, and large windows for this villa in Brazil.
modern Brazilian villa

The focus of the project, as requested by the owners, is the large open-space living area, an ideal place to enjoy leisure time with friends and family. Furnished with few pieces of furniture and accessories with simple lines, prioritizing natural materials like wood or reclaimed elements such as iron and brass, it has walls painted in a warm white, contributing to a relaxing atmosphere in the various rooms.

The living area, furnished with few pieces of furniture with simple lines.
living room in Sao Roque villa


How to make a house like this even cozier, turning it into the perfect retreat to enjoy relaxation during long winter weekends? Let’s start with the seating. A comfort-oriented home should have plenty of chairs, to accommodate even last-minute guests and arrange them according to needs.

The Emu group offers the Rio R50 chair, a skillful re-edition of the historic Rio model from the 1970s, in matte steel available in different colors. To be paired with the cushion line from the Blush collection designed by India Mahdavi, in soft velvet with pop colors and geometric designs.

A floor lamp, both beautiful to look at and easy to move, is Claritas, designed for the first time by Vico Magistretti in 1946 and now an iconic Italian design proposal by Nemo Lighting. Completing the cozy atmosphere is the Scottish plaid to be kept on the sofa from the Dafne line by Mazzoni Casa, in pure merino wool with soft colors.

On the left, Emu’s Rio R50 chair, € 189 –; on the right, India Mahdavi’s Blush cushion, € 280 –
rio chair and blush cushion

On the left, Nemo Lighting’s Claritas floor lamp, starting from € 745 –; on the right, Mazzoni Casa’s Scottish plaid in pure merino wool, € 106 –
floor lamp and plaid

In this Brazilian residence, a dining area has been dedicated within the large living room. The round table and chairs are made of wood, as is the large sideboard that softens the revisited industrial style of the lamps, hanging above the table with long metal chains.

The dining area, also within the large living room.
dining area included in the villa's living room


For a home always open to friends, a table that can be extended when the number of guests increases is needed. Maisons du Monde has the Boop model in its catalog, with an extendable top for 6 to 10 people. And if it’s true – as just mentioned – that chairs are never enough, Polspotten offers the Tip Tap stool (formerly known as Tam Tam) also in the wooden version, to be used around the dining table as an alternative to the classic chair, but also as support next to the sofa.

For a less classic sideboard with a minimal touch, the JYSK group produces the new Sollerup collection, which nods to Scandinavian style with a Japanese twist. To add a romantic touch, the English Spicer&Wood has a wide selection of candle holders in stoneware, with shapes and colors for all tastes.

Maisons du Monde’s Boop table extendable from 150 to 220 cm, € 279 –
boop table

On the left, Polspotten’s Tip Tap stool in wood € 600 –; on the right, the sideboard from the Sollerup collection by JYSK in solid pine wood, € 150 –
wooden stool and sideboard

Stoneware candle holders in green by Spicer&Wood, starting from € 16.70 –
green stoneware candle holders

On the diametrically opposite side of the dining area, a long concrete shelf has been designed to invite relaxation. On one side of this surface rests a stove with space underneath to store firewood, while next to it is a music box, some books, and a free space to be used as a bench.

Two details of the living area dedicated to relaxation.
living area details


To have a fireplace or a designer stove, without the constraint of a chimney, Montexport distributes in Italy the Thales model in black lacquered steel customizable with golden interior. To keep the firewood ready to burn tidy, Maze has created an elegant container in painted metal in white or optionally in black.

A touch of art with a print by a modern artist? Paper Collective offers 4 new prints by the Swedish Josefin Holmgren, a leading name in contemporary Swedish art, available for direct online purchase. If you want even more seating space, The Hulsø shelf is very convenient, designed for the first time in 1949 and now reintroduced by House of Funn Juhl.

On the left, Thales chimney without chimney distributed by Montexport, € 23,605 –; on the right, Mixrack firewood holder by Maze, produced in Finland with recycled metal, € 109 –
design chimney without chimney and firewood holder

On the left, print by Josefin Holmgren proposed by Paper Collective, starting from € 40 –; on the right, shelf from The Hulsø collection by House of Funn Juhl, available in oak and walnut wood, € 673 –
print picture and shelf

One wall of the large living area has been designed in glass, opening onto the garden surrounding the house, creating optically a single large space. Outside, a porch with a slatted wooden ceiling allows you to enjoy even the winter sunshine.

The large glass wall of the living room overlooking the garden.
glass wall living room Brazilian chalet


To furnish a porch, furniture made of durable materials is needed: it’s better if they also have a style in line with the interior, so they can also be used indoors if necessary. An example is the Satellite floor lamp in steel and aluminum, designed by Mathieu Matégot in 1953 and now proposed by Gubi. A touch of textile can be given with the round outdoor rug, beautiful even indoors, from the Ply Pink collection designed by the Spanish MUT studio for GAN.

Project by Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos studio –
Photo by Maxime Brouillet

On the left, Gubi’s Satellite lamp for outdoor available in two different colors, € 999 –; on the right, detail of the Ply Pink rug by GAN designed by MUT Design Studio, € 2,171.60 –
floor lamp and rug

On the cover, the facade of the villa in Sao Roque, near Sao Paulo in Brazil.

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