servizio arcadia ginori

Breakfast with style – breakfast with character

A true alchemy of colors to start the day with an elegance that already smells of spring: refined shades, revisited classic patterns, and details that capture the essence of the most contemporary romanticism.

The breakfast table is inviting and sophisticated, playing with ceramics crafted by artisans and emphasizing a return to formal classicism, lightened by two tones vying for creative power: blue and pink. Two opposing gradations but in perfect conceptual pendant, branching out into multiple shades ranging from pastel to decidedly vibrant accents.

Tumbler series Paraíso Blue by Sieger by Furstemberg –
tumbler paraiso

Espresso cup series Arcadia by Ginori 1735 –
arcadia decorated espresso cup


Timeless patterns from the past are not lacking, but they are reinterpreted with a more updated character to modern tastes, always in contrast, mixed between different styles or subdued by minimal lines. Sparkling touches awaken the senses and bid good morning, through classic cutlery or golden glimmers that illuminate, here and there, the morning tableware dedicated to elegance from the outset.

Coffee set Kawki by Lladró –
animal coffee set

Gio Ponti teaspoons by Sambonet –
gio ponti teaspoons

If the most eternal design never goes out of fashion, especially in the purity of white, cups and saucers unleash a conceptual joy given by fun mix and match between light blue and neo-Victorian pink, material decorations highlighted by real gold touches, provided by sugar bowls and cutlery. Gold returns forcefully and is discovered in the edges of ceramics or in the very interiors of tea and coffee services, decorating handles or shining in the geometries of designs on ceramics.

K7 series by Beatrice Rossetti for knIndustrie, photo by Miro Zagnoli –
k7 series


Color dominates the morning table and makes contemporary lines with allure and artisanal workmanship, combined with more contemporary concepts that do not, however, hesitate to be declined in dazzling shades. The game is to mix ancient and modern, new purchases with family heirlooms, all in an ensemble designed to create a unique moment to relax.

Perlemor collection by Villeroy & Boch –
perlemor plates

pink espresso cup plate

Nevertheless, it must be admitted that not everyone likes to start the day with too strong and dazzling colors. In rescue, the two reference tones – blue and pink – turn into sugary pastel hues that envelop tables with a more bohemian taste, with classic and evergreen lines that have that innate elegance capable of enduring the passage of time unscathed.

Maria en Vogue collection by Rosenthal –
maria en vogue collection

Maria dish service in vogue

Junto Dune collection by Rosenthal
junto dune plates

Classic collections can be paired with contemporary details and clean design, both in soft and metallic finishes, perfectly at ease with the different styles that make up the morning mise en place. To complete, a linen textile in the same shades, or in delicate stripes that recall the approaching beautiful season, the first muse inspiring a breakfast that aims to be, for taste and charm, unforgettable.

EM77 carafes by Stelton –
em77 carafes

Napkins from the Linee e Pitture collections by La Fabbrica del Lino –
linen napkins with painting decoration

On the cover, Arcadia series by Ginori 1735

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