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Elegance explosion – the 2023 holiday table

A true stylistic amarcord celebrates the mise en place of the most sparkling occasions of the year, in a mix and match inspired by tradition, with contemporary colorful touches and country chic details.

Christmas and New Year make the festive tables shine with flashes of yesteryear, in a taste that recalls the most charming aesthetics, handed down over time, reinterpreted with contrasting material combinations, styles different from each other but in perfect conceptual dialogue, and a certain predisposition to important décor. It is the perfect period to dust off the silverware that you never use, the crystal glasses, the most precious tablecloths and themed ceramics, alternating with family services and important centrepieces.

Coincasa Christmas 2023 collection –
Christmas coin casa collections

Coincasa Christmas tableware

From breakfast to dinner, the mise en place of this period is cloaked in warm tones, dressed in rich textiles with an (almost) mountain appeal, with tartan inflections and a certain freedom in the different pendants, which all play on a single theme: the elegance.

Coincasa Christmas 2023 collection.
Brown striped Christmas table

green Christmas table and gold cutlery

She is precisely the inspiring muse of a mood that brings back into fashion all the individual elements of the tableware, makes us rediscover the most delicate decorations on ceramics and plays with material contrasts between très chic elements and more everyday objects, simple yet refined in their minimalism. As for cutlery, it’s time to use them all, perfectly aligned and shining in their metallic reflections.

Festive table 2023 by Once Milano –
linen Christmas table

Christmas table placemat


In the different seasonal nuances of red, blue and green, and a certain freedom that allows you to choose indifferently whether to use the tablecloth or not, the glow of white stands out and finds its most expressive soul in the shades of plates and decorations. There isn’t just one color that dominates, we take inspiration from the seasonal ones, which must be mixed in kaleidoscopic mix and matches, on which brilliant glassware and silver or everlasting gold cutlery stand out.

Christmas table 2023 by knindustrie –
LED candlestick Christmas table

Christmas table cutting boards

For those who don’t like opulence, even the most minimal versions play on tradition, using as the theme gold, perfectly toned down by ton sur ton white combinations played on different materials, where the tableware interacts with marble and wooden trays, modern glass splashbacks and details (inevitable) that recall culinary tradition. One idea, in fact, is to use small copper shapes as table decorations, or to create splendid floral compositions, to be divided between contemporary and antique vases.

Porcelains Theme and Variations N°397 by Fornasetti –
fornasetti tableware

Fornasetti 2024 Calendar Plate.
dish calendar

Lots of small porcelains cannot be missing for serving appetizers, desserts or as alternatives to the bread plate, perhaps in contrast with the rest of the service. The important thing is that they have character, capable of giving that extra touch to the entire ensemble, in an ideal dialogue with period pieces, or aesthetically speaking classics, such as the silver trays which, more than ever in this period, are experiencing a great rediscovery among tableware lovers.

Silver rectangle mirrored display tray by Melody Maison –
Rectangular steel tray with mirrored surface


A separate discussion for the glasses that find colors that have not been seen for a long time, in shades of red and green, or decorated in a creative way, recalling ancient workmanship and Deco aesthetic themes. Delicate expressions of pure craftsmanship and handmade creativity become the inspiration for contrasting colored mixes, where the classic finds new expressive paths of pure modernity.

Green Pressed range by Gisela Graham –
green glasses

green jug

Mayfair Short by Reflections Copenhagen –
colored glasses stems


A detail to pay attention to? Cutlery. You must choose important ones, if not downright ancient for those who are lucky enough to have ones handed down in the family, made of silver, gold or with handles decorated with Victorian details, such as deer heads, laurel wreaths and propitiatory stars. In this freedom of expression, even the centerpieces are composed starting from the tableware you already have at home, or in contrast, choosing simpler lines but with a clear timeless appeal. Flowers and small lights will complete the unique magic of a festive table (even for the eyes).

Set 4 Posted Perlmutt Antique Shabby Landhaus Vintage by Wohnflair –
cutlery decorated handles

Kyru Vase Medium by Tom Raffield –
kyru vases

On the cover, Coincasa’s Christmas 2023 collection.

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