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EMO design – Industrial design and design industry

Design is planning, necessity, vision, idea that has a purpose; or, in this case, many purposes.

From refrigerators to stoves, from hoods and cookers to sinks and electric scooters: here comes EMO design, the studio that sees design not as an end, but as a means to create everything we need. Towards infinity, and even beyond.

What is (and who is) EMO design?

We started our journey in a small room of a hill house with a team made up of three people, a manager and two designers. We have never considered the idea of ​​working in the furniture sector because we don’t feel it is part of us and of what we want to do, instead we specialized in industrial design serving very different companies.

We decided to pursue this path because Lukasz Bertoli, one of the founding partners, had a background in a well-known Austrian design studio specializing in industrial design; he had already collaborated with important companies in the electronics and household appliances field, so we continued in that direction. Today we have become a team of around 15 people and our studio has taken over part of another well-known design studio – JoeVelluto – which operates in fields complementary to ours.

Zero coffee machine, designed for Dalla Corte.

zero bar cofee machine on the kitchen top

This way we want to expand the offer of our services, introducing some innovations such as exhibition design, exhibition curation and art direction in which JoeVelluto has always stood out, and over the years we have always grown constantly, improving our skills and adding new services. First we introduced UI (user interface) design, an evolution of product design born from the transformation of interfaces and human-machine interactions (the passage from analogue to digital).

Then it became essential to start working on the entire user experience with the product, introducing user experience design as a further service. In the last two years we have also introduced a new specialization in the field of communication design, both online and offline.

Vogue hood, designed for Falmec

suspended hood with lamp in the kitchen

Your catalog includes many different products. What is your starting (or arriving) point?

The secret and basis of our work is to design accordingly to the needs of our customer and of the market, and having a very precise and codified method allows us to operate quickly and effectively to satisfy customer requests.

Before starting any project we analyze the market, visit the companies, test the products and work to identify the critical points and areas for improvement. For us, the relationship with the customer is also fundamental: with some companies we develop partnerships that allow us to obtain products that are truly faithful to the values ​​of both our brand and our customer’s.

Glam washbasin, designed for Scarabeo Ceramiche.

washbasins in bathroom

So what is your idea of ​​design and what is design for you?

Design is a tool through which brands can differentiate themselves in the commercial and industrial landscape, making themselves unique, establishing their own identity and therefore getting noticed compared to the competition.

Often even a simple aesthetic or functional detail can make the difference, because it improves the user’s interaction with the object itself; this also applies to companies in the business-to-business sector, exchanging products and services with other companies rather than with private individuals, as usually happens in furniture design. The design of the products we create must be consistent with the values ​​of the brand, with the history and specializations of the company, and above all it must last over time.

The two partners Lukasz Bertoli and Carlo Ciciliot

lukasz bertli and carlo ciciliot portrait

On the cover: Dama hood, designed for Falmec

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