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Cinelli Piume e Piumini – Natura

A novelty that celebrates respect for the environment, in all its forms, and brings the art of recycling to the world of upholstery.

A respectful look towards the future, a top-of-the-range collection that stands out for a manufacturing process with low environmental impact, which tells of an eco-sustainable philosophy and testifies to the true tomorrow of duvets. It’s Natura, the brand new line from Cinelli Piume e Piumini, made with high quality padding, completely green and guaranteed by the GRS® label, and an external covering in GOTS certified organic fabric, in which no chemical products are used at any productive stage.

Natura is a line that is completed by the Iris duvet in the winter version and the Iris pillow by Cinelli Piume e Piumini.
natural winter duvet and pillow

To go into detail, the GRS® (Global Recycle Standard) recognition certifies the tracking of the down throughout its recycling phase, from those who deal with the collection, to those who carry out the reclamation, up to the entire reuse process that leads to new finished product. The down, then, is recovered and sanitized by Cinelli Piume e Piumini who processes it, maintaining all the natural properties of the raw material, obtaining a very high quality product.

Both the duvet and the pillow of the Natura line are made with an external covering in GOTS certified organic fabric and padding coming from GRS recycled duvets.
duvet and pillow from recycled duvets

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) labeling, however, guarantees final textile products that do not contain any type of toxic or harmful substances, treated with respect for the environment, reducing consumption and waste to a minimum.

The pillow from the Natura line.
recycled natural down pillow

The duvet from the Natura line.
recycled natural feather duvet

How is the down recovered and sanitized?

The down is recovered by specialized companies that carry out this service throughout Europe and manage to make us a product ready to be placed in the sanitization process. After that, the washing and sterilization processes are identical to those of a new product.

Duvet and pillow Natura line by Cinelli Piume e Piumini.
duvet and pillow in real feather

What is its origin and how is it guaranteed?

These are bed duvets and clothing duvets recovered in Europe. The guarantee on the actual recycling path is attested by the GRS® certification which monitors the path of this material until its reuse in the finished product.

What is the processe behind a method defined as “low environmental impact”?

Cinelli Piume e Piumini has been investing in this for years, trying to reduce water consumption and carrying out an initial reclamation action before introducing it into the public purifier. Furthermore, we have installed a photovoltaic system which allows us to be 75% independent on our energy needs. Specifically for these products from the Natura line, the choice to use GOTS cotton means a lower environmental impact for the creation of the fabric itself and the use of GRS® certified recycled feathers and down ensures that there is no use of new resources for obtaining padding material.


Duvet and pillow Natura line by Cinelli Piume e Piumini.
double duvet and down pillows

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